Eric Latzky is a leading figure in digital-age communications, image cultivation, promotion and public affairs in culture, the arts, and creative arenas.

With 25-plus years experience working on sophisticated, global cultural platforms, Eric Latzky has built vanguard communications strategies in the world of arts and ideas, media, cultural corporate sponsorship, and diplomacy and government relations. Through an expansive, non-traditional sensibility, and a strong focus on digital advancement and practice evolution, he has a track record of creating, renewing and leveraging brand value, power and recognition. A seasoned spokesman, conversant in European, Asian and Latin American social and business cultures, Eric Latzky is skilled in the planning and execution of complex projects on behalf of high-level clients.


From 2000 – 2012, Eric Latzky served as head of communications of the New York Philharmonic, overseeing media and public relations, image evolution, print and digital content publication, and diplomatic cultivation, internationally, for America’s premiere cultural ambassador. He was the institution’s liaison to government officials, and was responsible for key aspects of the Philharmonic’s global touring programs and related corporate sponsorship relationships. Eric Latzky played a major role in the creation and realization of the York Philharmonic’s historic concert in Pyongyang in 2008. He established the framework for live, uncensored communications from North Korea for an unprecedented international media corps, bringing worldwide attention to the event. In 2013 he formed Eric Latzky Culture | Communications NY – ELCCNY – to create communications strategies for institutional and individual clients in New York, the US, and internationally.


Previously, Eric Latzky held the positions of Director of Communications of The Kitchen Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance, Film and Literature, and Executive Vice President of the Zeisler Group, and then formed Culture | Communications to craft progressive marketing and public relations strategies. Clients included Sony Entertainment, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and a group of forward-looking artists and companies working in various genres from Europe, Asia, and North and South America, such as Eos Orchestra (US), Sankai Juku (Japan), Paris Opera Ballet, and Ballet Argentino.

In the 1990s, Eric Latzky was the pro-bono public relations co-chair for the artists’ organization Visual AIDS, where he conceived the launch campaigns for the Red Ribbon for AIDS Awareness, Day Without Art and Night Without Light. In the 1980s, in partnership with publishing industry colleagues, he created the Words Project for AIDS, in Los Angeles, to promote reading and writing in the context of the emerging crisis.

A writer and essayist, Eric Latzky has contributed to Culture + Travel, Interview, BOMB magazine, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, LA Style, the Advocate, and other publications. His novel, Three Views from Vertical Cliffs, was published in 1992, and he has contributed to a number of non-fiction collections.


In June, 2014, Eric Latzky was appointed to a seat on the New York State Council on the Arts by Governor Andrew M Cuomo. He is a member of The Century Association, and the Wisemen, a group of top communications professionals in New York. He serves on the Advisory Board of Youth Communication, a non-profit publisher and advocate of reading and writing for at-risk youth, and previously served on Manhattan Community Board 4, on its Landmarks, Land Use, and Waterfront committees. A native New Yorker, Eric Latzky has lived in Paris and Los Angeles. He lives in New York, in Tribeca.