In a rapidly progressing information environment, there is a non-stop need for change. Evaluation, reevaluation – appraising position and gauging potential – is crucial to the contemporary expectation of accelerated decision-making. The equation of momentum-boldness-risk-advancement, and an openness to unconsidered paths, are key to a dynamic presence in the global media age.

This fresh communications paradigm is especially applicable to culture and the arts, issues and ideas, non-profit and commercial creative endeavors – overlapping universes that easily transcend geographic boundaries, language and form.

For clients, ELCCNY seeks to revitalize and animate the way creative subject areas are packaged and presented – to construct continuous, evolving analyses of the status and perception of an artist, creative entity or institution, to suggest and affect possibilities, to generate change, to gain attention. ELCCNY is interested in bespoke models of representation, image transformation, the concept of brand in culture, the employment of cheap, available technology, the blurred line between internal and external media, an international perspective, connection and personal relationships.